Working with the Hola Cash API is extremily simple and we have prepared this guide so you can start to build incredible things as fast as possible.

API integration demo

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Do not forget that to use the cash.portal, make transactions and obtain the API Keys, you must create a developers account in Hola Cash.

1. Copy the testing API Key

Copy the test API key below and paste it directly into the API reference, there you can make test calls and much more before using our API in a production environment.


2. Create a payment Token

Create a payment token with the card info, this card is saved in our fully secure, PCI-compliant vault.

You will be able to use your token for future transactions.

Create payment token

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3. Create a charge

The net thing is to create a charge. For this, you have to pass the previusly generate token, using external_order_reference to include a reference number and be able to identify the payment later. You can also create charges using our test cards.

4. Check the payments

You can consult the payments made as well as obtain details of a payment from the Merchant portal or from API.

Create a charge using our testing crad numbers here.

5. Change to production environment

Once the integration is done, request the change to the production environment by contacting the Hola Cash Agent assigned to your account.