Cash Developer Portal

Accept online payments on your e-commerce

Integrate multiple payment solutions

Start implementing solutions like our Payments API or our Checkout Widget, with the guarantee of the lowest fraud rate and the highest acceptance rate in the market.

Payment methods: Credit and debit cards, Physical store payments, Interbank transfers (SPEI).


Payments API

Integrate our solution to your e-commerce platform in just some minutes. Try and experiment with our products without creating an account.

Copy and paste the Test API Key and use it directly in the API Reference..


In the Cash Portal you can see transactions in real time, manage your API Keys and configure the payment methods in the Checkout Widget. To access the Hola Cash Portal you must create a sandbox account, once your integration is finished, you must request acces to production.

Checkout Widget

Unleash all the power of Hola Cash in your e-commerce , with a few lines of code. Add our Widget to your platform and start receiving digital payments in a matter of minutes.

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