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Payment Links

Get multiple payments
using a single, shareable
link. No code required.

Hola Cash API

Our most advanced
solution yet. Get the most
customization flexibity
with our e-commerce API.

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Designed to suit your
eCommerce needs. Give
your users a frictionless
checkout with top-tier
anti-fraud technology in
an easy to integrate all-in-
one solution.

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your e-commerce in just

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Create a Sandbox account to build, test, and manage your
integrations in a secure testing environment as well as:

  • Test versions of our API endpoints.
  • Test API calls to create charges, get transaction details, and more.
  • Access to a Sandbox version of the Merchant portal to manage your
    account and transactions.
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Bank transfer payments
Bank transfer payments
Discover how to safely get paid
through bank transfers.
In-store payments
In-store payments
Get paid in cash from any of our
affiliated physical stores.
Payment links
Payment links
Learn how to generate a link to
share with your customers and
start getting online payments
without having an online shop.
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