Magento plugin

From Marketplace(recommended)

  1. Place an order for the module through the Adobe Marketplace.
  2. Connect to the server with ssh or open terminal and run following commands into magento installation directory.
    composer install hola_cash/holacash-magento2;
    you might be asked for username and password during installation process, for this provide your Adobe Commerce authentication keys. once provided you will be prompted to save those credentials if so you can find that in ~/.composer/auth.jsonor you can store those credentials in file auth.json on root of the project using following code:
      "http-basic": {
        "": {
          "username": "username",
          "password": "password"
  3. Set up the module by running the following commands:
    • bin/magento setup:upgrade
    • bin/magento setup:di:compile
    • bin/magento cache:flush
    • bin/magento cache:clean

Manual Installation

  1. Unpack the file. (This is provided by your Account Manager)
  2. Connect to the server where the website source folder is located with FTP/SFTP client.
  3. Upload the Hola Cash module in the directory app/code/.
  4. Go to Magento root directory.
  5. Run below-listed commands to complete plugin installation:
    bin/magento setup:upgrade;
    Magento update #2
    bin/magento setup:di:compile
    Magento update #3
    bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
    Magento update #4
    bin/magento cache:clear; bin/magento cache:flush;
    Magento update #5

Configuration on Hola Cash

  1. Log into the Merchant portal using your credentials.
  2. Magento # 1
  3. You'll find both of your API keys (Public and Private) in the Developer section on the side menu. Try to keep your keys at hand, you'll need them later on.
  4. Magento # 2
  5. WarningCreate a Webhook. This should be pointing to the Webhook URL in your Magento shop.
  6. Magento # 3
  7. Go to "Configuration" on the menu. Then go to "Payment Methods" and select the payment methods you want to enable in your Magento shop.
  8. Magento # 4
  9. Go to "Personalization" on your menu to complete the following settings:
    1. WarningAdd your Magento shop URL. The plugin will be associated with that URL only.
    2. Magento # 5
    3. On your Widget's view mode, select "In-line" view. This is the only view mode for Magento shops that won't present any visualization issues while loading the Checkout Widget on your store.
    4. Magento # 5
    5. Enable or disable payment "Auto Capture" as you see fit. Shops with a high transaction volumen would benefit from enabling the "Auto Capture" feature. On the other hand, if you prefer to review your payments manually, disable the "Auto Capture" option. Bear in mind you'll need to capture the payment amount for every transaction.
    6. Magento # 5

Configuration on Magento

  1. Log into your Magento shop.
  2. From your menu, select "Stores". Then go to "Configuration".
  3. Magento # 2
  4. Select "Sales" and open the "Payment Methods" sub menu.
  5. Magento # 3
  6. Go to the Hola Cash Payment Section
  7. Magento # 4
  8. You'll find the following settings options inside the Hola Cash Payment Section:
    1. Enables: Enables the Hola Cash plugin as a payment method on your store's checkout flow.
    2. Mode: Select between Production or Sandbox. When in Sandbox mode, all transactions are processed inside the Hola Cash testing environment. These are test transactions and there is no actual money involved. We strongly recommend you use the Sandbox mode to test your integrations and switch to Production when you are ready to accept real payments from your customers.
    3. Title: Set how the Hola Cash title will appear amongsts on the payment method options in your store's checkout.
    4. Production/Sandbox API Key: Add your Public API Key
    5. Production/Sandbox Secret Key: Enter your API Secret key. Don't share your private API key with anyone.
    6. Production/Sandbox Webhook Key:Add your associate Webhook key. Check our webhooks tutorial.for more information on how to integrate Webhooks.
    7. Sort Order: This is where the plugin will be loaded if you have more than one active payment method.
  9. Sending extra parameters
  10. You can add extra custom parameters to the order. Although recommended, sending theses parameters is optional. This can be helpful when you try to send Hola Cash all the information related to an order.

    Add an extra hidden field to the checkout form:

    <input type="hidden" name="charge_additional_details" value='[{"name": "test_int","data": "1"},{"name": "test_float","data": 3.45},{ "name": "test_boolean","data": false},{"name": "test_string","data": "string"}]' />

Update the Magento plugin

  1. Log in to your server via a command line.
  2. Proceed to the Root Magento folder.
  3. Execute the following command:
  4. composer update hola_cash/holacash-magento2;

    In case you want upgrade/downgrade to any specific version, like 1.0.7

    composer update hola_cash/holacash-magento2:1.0.7
    Magento update #1
  5. Once the extension has been installed, execute:
  6. bin/magento setup:upgrade
    Magento update #2
    bin/magento setup:di:compile
    Magento update #3
    bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
    Magento update #4
    bin/magento cache:clear; bin/magento cache:flush;

    Or use short commands like:

    bin/magento c:c; bin/magento c:f;
    Magento update #5